Anyone Using FT8 Mode ?

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Anyone Using FT8 Mode ?

Post by ke5nub » Thu Sep 14, 2017 11:03 am

I had a little difficulty getting the radio settings worked out but all is working great now. I could not get the radio push to talk setting worked out after selecting my radio from the drop down menu. I walked away from it until the next day and reset the settings to the default. The list of heard stations on the left side of the screen started filling up. I double clicked on one of the call signs and made a contact into Ohio. Then Canada. Then some other place.

Point being that it worked just fine WITHOUT selecting a radio or making any adjustments. Calling CQ was not intuitive for me. But once I figured that out it was easier to let the radio call CQ since everything is automated. After the exchange is complete a pop up box to log the contact keeps the radio from calling CQ until that is done. Then it starts the process again. I am using an 857D / Signalink combination.
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