The Minima

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The Minima

Post by kd5kxf » Mon Sep 08, 2014 8:15 am

is a 0 to 30mhz transceiver that is all mode (SSB, CW, digi) QRP rig... or QRO if you want to build an amp.
Why am I bringing it to your attention? Because Eric Wolf has redesigned the last PCB's for it and we have
prototype boards on the way. After the prototype committee builds and tests this month (we are building 3), we
will order 25 more boards. Those that are interested will need to commit soon as I have 10 commitments from
QRP-L on the first day. We will be working on a IRF 510 power module to get it up to 10 watts. That board will
hopefully happen in November.

Go forth and commit RF.


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