DroidRTTY $ DroidPSK

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DroidRTTY $ DroidPSK

Post by joannplano2005 » Fri May 27, 2016 9:26 pm

I found these two software packages on the net one day.

So I went to the Android Play Store, found them, paid for them, and download/installed onto my Toshiba Thribe
Tablet. I then bought the interface module from the Software Author. Bought a 4 pin cable for the Tablet-to-Interface and a custom cable from the Interface to the Packet Port on my FT-1000.

I plugged everything in, did the setup on both packages, and then attempted to make a contact. First try was disastrous. Trying to use the on screen keyboard just did not work. Thankfully the Toshiba has a full size USB port,
so I plugged in a USB keyboard and bingo. I made contacts using both DroidRTTY and DroidPSK. These packages use
AFSK for TX, so you have to limit the TX power to 50W out.

I was real surprised how well both packages worked. He did a great job on both. The interface makes it's own power from the incoming audio and then uses the audio to key the rig. The packages even have a Logger Mode and will export Log Data as a ADIF file.

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