ChipKit Uno 32 and the TenTec 506

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ChipKit Uno 32 and the TenTec 506

Post by kd5kxf » Sat Mar 08, 2014 7:14 pm

Well... I the bullet and setup the MPIDE which is the easiest linux install ever... extract the bz2 file and be sure you do NOT put it in your Arduino IDE file and it is off to the races. Basically, as I dig into the Digilent architecture I have found a Pic32MX320F128 32 bit processor chip that boogies along at 80mhz. Plenty of horsepower for tag teaming with the DDS Chip! It is interesting too because it supports I2c, so while a lot of pins are used with the DDS I can use the I2c to add a FUBARINO board and open up a world of i/o if necessary. There is a group that have worked up some pretty neat software known as The Rebel Alliance (great name huh?) and most of what I considered absolutely essential was in there second revision software. I am having to modify it some but basically I am going to have a software based memory keyer and instead of following their methods with the additional LCD for frequency display, I am going to read freq off the DDS and feed it back in morse through the keyer and sidetone. The band change switch will go to two relays on a header board that will replace the jumpers on the mainboard that control the band selection. I was also surprised to find a DSP library on Micro Chips site. If I can streamline the rest of the code I might just add dsp filtering. If I run out of space I could run it off the Fubarino if added or just bite the bullet and add a Mega Uno 32 for more memory. Anyway... I am having a blast with this little rig. How much fun can you have with a screwdriver, a usb cable and a netbook? Not much more I assure you!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

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