How to Join

HAM membership fees explained.

Yearly Membership Dues
Full:  $30.00
Senior (65 or older):  $25.00
Associate:  $15.00
Student:  $15.00
Family:  $35.00
Senior Family (65 or older):  $30.00

Partial Year Prorated (new members only)
Join April 1 to June 30:  $24.00
Join July 1 to September 30:  $15.00
Join October 1 to December 31:  $10.00

Lifetime Membership Dues
Full:  $300.00
Senior (65 or older):  $250.00

Full Member:  A full member shall be any FCC licensed amateur radio operator who does  not fall under the special provision of an associate or student membership.
Student Member:  A student member shall be any FCC licensed amateur radio operator who is currently enrolled as a full-time student and is 18 years of age or younger.
Associate Member:  An associate member shall be any person maintaining membership to support the Ham Association of Mesquite but who does not hold a license as a radio amateur.

If you would like to join the club or renew your membership, there are three ways to do so.
1) In person.  Join us at one of our monthly club meetings.  See the calendar for more information on when and where.
2) By mail.  Mail your application and payment to 2309 Penrose Dr. Mesquite, Texas 75150-5872.
3) Online.  This is by far the fastest and easiest method.  Simply follow the steps below.

Step 1. Download the membership application file from Files/Downloads in the main menu or  click Ham_Application and save it.
Step 2. Open and complete the application. When finished, save the application as yourcall.pdf.
Step 3. Use the form below to upload the file and make your payment via PayPal.

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