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The club’s call sign is WJ5J. Our repeaters are open to all amateur radio operators who are licensed for operation on the VHF/UHF amateur radio frequency bands.  The repeater site is located on the Mesquite Tower at the Mesquite Communications Complex near West Mesquite High School.

The repeater resides in a cabinet inside the upper elevated equipment room known as a Sky Pod.  The elevation at the base of the antenna is approximately 400 feet above ground.  The Effective Radiated Power of the system is approximately 150 watts. 

Equipment in Use

Astron RM-60M-BB
GE Master EXEC II radio
SCOM 7K controller
WACOM 6 cavity duplexer
Decibel Products 3 port isolator
Advanced Receiver Research preamp
Hustler Spirit HX6-14448 antenna

Club Frequencies

WJ5J/R 145.310 PL 110.9 Hz

WJ5J/R  444.425 PL 156.7 Hz

WJ5J/R 443.375 PL 110.9 Hz

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